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Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss information

The Remnant 2 Nightweaver stands in your method on the finish of the Losomn questline, so that you’ll have to take her down if you wish to progress any additional. Whereas this two-phase combat might sound brutally tough at first, understanding how you can successfully keep away from her assaults will make this combat far much less intimidating than it initially seems.

When you’re interested by beginning a brand new playthrough, or simply questioning if you happen to selected the correct class, try our Remnant 2 greatest class information. And if you happen to’re taking part in with buddies and questioning are you able to play Remnant 2 solo, we’ve acquired a information for that, too. For now, let’s check out the Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss and one of the best methods to take her down.

How one can beat the Nightweaver in Remnant 2

The Nightweaver is a two-phase boss combat, which means you’re going to need to handle your ammo effectively. When you’re correct together with your photographs, try to be positive, however decide up a few Ammo Containers in Ward 13 simply in case you run out. Apart from that, some therapeutic objects could be good if you end up operating out of therapeutic too shortly.

Nightweaver first section

In her first section, the Nightweaver has 5 completely different assaults to be careful for, although most of those may be prevented with a dodge. Two of her assaults, she is going to fly in the direction of the participant, both clawing at them, or briefly stopping earlier than clawing – both method, dodge sideways or in the direction of her to keep away from it. On the assault she instantly claws at you, she is going to then briefly fly upwards, earlier than slamming the bottom, dealing huge AoE injury. Dodge simply as she is about to hit the bottom, although this will likely take some observe to get the timing proper.

She has two long-range assaults. First, she is going to create teams of 4 icicles and hearth them at you. Whereas these have slight homing on them, they will typically be prevented by simply strolling sideways, however don’t be afraid to dodge if essential. For her second ranged assault, she fires blue blobs at you which ones explode on influence. These can deal enormous injury and stunlock if you happen to aren’t cautious, in order quickly as you see this, run or dodge sideways.

Lastly, she is going to summon 5 massive, blue bugs which run in the direction of you. They’ve barely any well being and can die in a single hit, so merely dispatch these as quickly as you see them and return to combating Nightweaver.

Your technique right here is just to keep away from taking injury and hit her laborious in-between her assaults. She typically hangs within the air for a number of seconds between assaults, permitting you to deal loads of injury within the meantime. As soon as her well being bar is depleted she grabs you, taking you inside for section two.

Nightweaver second section

In her second section, Nightweaver crawls on the bottom, however the method is basically the identical. Keep away from her icicles and kill the bugs she summons as earlier than. As for her melee assaults, she has two. First, she is going to merely fling herself at you, which you’ll be able to keep away from by dodging sideways or in the direction of her. The second, she is going to claw at you twice. These assaults and each closely telegraphed, so merely dodge sideways or ahead, after which do the identical for the second assault.

Vital to know is that she has one new assault on this section which might simply kill you if you happen to’re not cautious. She is going to float up proper in entrance of you, and try and seize you. If she efficiently grabs you, she throws you to the bottom and drains an enormous quantity of your well being. When you’re within the seize, you may’t escape till she finishes her assault, so keep away from this one in any respect prices. When you see her telegraph an assault proper subsequent to you, dodge instantly to keep away from this.

When you’ve acquired her assaults down, your method must be largely the identical as the primary section. Await her to assault, after which get your injury in earlier than the following one. Make good use of your expertise and weapon mods so as to add to your injury the place you may. She additionally sometimes disappears into the partitions or flooring, which is a superb time to heal up.

That’s every little thing it is advisable to know to defeat the Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss. When you’re eager to check out the sport on one other platform, try our is Remnant 2 on Xbox information. And if you happen to’re making an attempt to persuade your folks to present the sport a go, our Remnant 2 evaluate may inform them what they’re lacking.

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